New Question Bank Only Option and 2019 BPS Exam Results Released!

2019 BPS Exam Results

1. One Time Discount – Question Banks/Practice Exams

Many of you have asked about a question bank/practice exam only option for BCPS, BCGP, BCACP, and BCMTMS. That option is now available! Note: If you have purchased an All Access Pass and are still within your access period, you already have access to these question banks.

With the release of this new option for those preparing for exams, I’m offering a one time discount! You will get 3-month access for the price of 1 month (50$) discount. This is absolutely perfect for anyone looking toward the fall testing period.

Use discount code: qbank at checkout for any of the following 3-month access question banks for a discount of $50.

Discount code will expire July 18th, 2019!

BCPS Question Bank – 3 Month Access

BCGP Question Bank – 3 Month Access

BCACP Question Bank – 3 Month Access

BCMTMS Question Bank – 3 Month Access

2. BPS Releases Spring 2019 Results

The Spring 2019 BPS exam results have now been released! If you just took the exam this spring, you’re probably feeling joy, relief, or possibly disappointment. These exams remain difficult with many having a high failure rate so do not be discouraged if you didn’t pass! I wanted to give my take on these results given my years of experience in following BPS and the exams.

BCGP is still difficult, but not as bad…

Many pharmacists who consult in long term care or assisted livings seek the BCGP certification. It used to be one of the easier certifications to obtain, with pass rates in the 80% range. That changed dramatically when the Certified Geriatric Pharmacist switched to the Board Certified Geriatric Pharmacist (BCGP) and went under the BPS umbrella. PASS rates fell to around 40%. In the spring of 2019, we finally had more pharmacists pass this exam than fail it. Other than the psychiatric exam, it still remained one of the more difficult exams. I likely suspect that some of the non-clinical aspects of the content outline are still tripping people up. Some examples of the topics that candidates overlook include social issues, elder abuse, financial concerns, ADLs, etc. We’ve put an emphasis on these non-medication related topics with our BCGP All Access Pass.

I was encouraged about our study materials as we received the following comments from 2019 participants:

I just wanted to thank you for creating study material that was so much more affordable for this exam. I took and passed my Spring 2019 BCGP exam and I honestly could not have done it without the material provided through your website. I also bought your book off of Amazon which served as the perfect supplement to your online materials. Thanks again. I would 100% recommend your website to anyone who wants to do well on their BCGP exam. – Chunni Patel

I just want to say thank you for all the hard work you have done that helped me pass my BCGP exam. – Kathe

I just wanted to thank you for your study packet and practice exams. I passed the BCGP exam!!! I studied everything you provided and it worked! Thanks so much! – Diana Abramov

BCPS Numbers Remain Strong

There remains a large number of pharmacists who are seeking BCPS certification. This is without a doubt the most popular BPS certification. One of the questions I get from pharmacists is which board certification is the best? While that answer definitely depends upon your expected career trajectory, the BCPS certification is likely the broadest and most transferable to any pharmacist position. Pass rates for this exam are close to 70% but not quite there yet. Spring 2019 BCPS pass rate was 69%. You can find our resources for the BCPS exam right here.

BCACP is the 2nd Most Popular Certification

Many years ago, BCGP certification numbers were close to matching BCACP numbers. With over 400 pharmacists taking the BCACP exam in the spring of 19′, this puts it as the 2nd most popular exam (with the exception of the BCPS exam of course). Pass rates for the BCACP exam remained pretty consistent in the 60’s (68%). You can find our most current BCACP study materials here. It will be interesting to see if the BCMTMS certification gains traction and cuts into the BCACP numbers over time. Remember that BCMTMS is not a BPS certification.

Which BPS Exams are the Easiest?

Infectious disease, critical care, and nutrition support are the three easiest exams if strictly go by the pass rate. The pass rate for each of the exams for the spring of 2019 ranged in the 78-80% range. If you are looking to take one of these specialized exams in the future, you can be encouraged that the pass rate is a little higher than some of the other exams.

Summing Up the Spring 2019 BPS Exam Results

With the spring 2019 BPS exam results, I’d say that there is nothing earth shattering compared to previous years. (Full report can be found here). It remains critical to take time to prepare for these exams as a significant chunk of pharmacists will fail. The majority of pharmacists that have reached out to me have said that they should have studied more, and more specifically, many have said that the non-medication related topics (social, regulatory, statistics, etc.) have tripped them up.

Congrats to those of you who passed this spring and best of luck to those of you preparing for your upcoming exam! If you are taking a certification exam soon, you can find the Question Banks above, and our all-access passes here.


  1. Sainath

    I’m a Pharm D student from India. Am I eligible to give this exam.Please suggest me some reference books to prepare for bcps. Suggest me the criteria for preparing for the exam. I’m having still one more year to complete my course. So kindly help me in this regard

    • Eric Christianson

      Students are not actually able to take the BCPS exam. Our BCPS study material will definitely give you a good clinical background but is specifically meant to help prepare candidates for the BCPS exam. Hope that helps!


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Written By Eric Christianson

July 14, 2019

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