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Hi Eric, I just wanted to let you know that I took your BCMTMS review course and I just found out I passed the exam. I worked your program every day and it certainly made the difference in my becoming certified, and I learned a lot as well. Thanks for the excellent course and I would recommend it to anyone trying to become certified.

Jeff Pearlroth

I passed the exam this month and the result far surpassed the minimum passing score. I credit this to the organization of material and the quiz questions within your study guide.
Thanks again.

Raquel Macfarlane

First-class work Eric! I recently took the BCMTMS exam. I purchased your BCMTMS study material. I have been a retail pharmacist for 20 years. Your program taught me how to once again think clinically. The BCMTMS exam is no pushover. It is lengthy and can be quite confounding. Do not underestimate the level of difficulty of this examination. I listened to your audio lectures several hours each day while driving. I passed on the first attempt. Good work and thank you for helping many. I highly recommend purchasing Eric’s material if you are interested in taking the BCMTMS examination. His program lays a profound understanding of clinical knowledge and unique clinical pearls, some of which were included in the exam. Thank you, Eric, for your good work. This will be used to help many of our patients.

Michael Fulghum

I took about a month ago… I PASSED! I think, based on the scoring system, I did pretty well too. I wanted to say thank you very much for your study guide. Extremely helpful for someone like me who hadn’t taken a test like this in 15 years and had no idea where to start.

Bryan Coehrs

I just received my results and I passed my BCMTMS Exam! Your gracious time and effort to put together those banks of questions that actually help us is appreciated. I honestly stayed up reading almost all of them and reading the rationale and learning new information. I will apply this Information to my practice and MTM work.

Keishon T.