BCMTMS Question Bank and Practice Exam – 3 Month Access

I’ve been asked repeatedly to come out with a question bank only option for the BCMTMS exam. Our BCMTMS question bank is approximately 1,000+ questions plus a practice exam. Combining both of these products, you will have access to over 1,200+ BCMTMS practice questions! The 1,200+ BCMTMS practice questions are part of our All Access Passes which you can find here, but this product is specifically just the questions at a slightly reduced rate.

Highlights of our BCMTMS Question Bank:

  • Full length, 200 question BCMTMS Practice Exam
  • Additional 1,000+ Online Question Bank (separated by categories)
  • All questions include the answer and rationale
  • Identical format to the BCMTMS Exam
  • Instant Access
  • Questions encompass every section on the BCMTMS exam content outline (Ambulatory Care, Regulatory, Pharmacotherapy, etc.)
  • 3 Month Access

If you have any questions, you can reach me at [email protected]!

Eric Christianson, PharmD, BCPS, BCGP


I cannot thank you enough – very much appreciated- the charts / tests and slides had a huge impact on my passing the BCPS. Your site made a huge difference and is very well organized. I really feel you covered the areas Pharmacology, Regulatory, and Biostatistics very well.

Joseph Dougherty

I would like to say thank you for your BCPS study material. Having practiced as a pharmacist for just over 10 years in Australia, I have always try to keep myself up-to-date with current guidelines, the latest evidence, and clinical knowledge. However, having failed twice previously, I needed guidance that is succinct and focused on pharmacotherapy and pharmacy practice in the US context – your study material provided exactly that. I have done basic biostatistics post-graduate and your stat study guide was a good revision for me (especially the table showing an overview of important statistical tests). I think your recently-added regulatory study guide was what really pushed me over the pass mark – that 32-page was enough for me to understand the important roles each organization plays in the US healthcare system.

Alex Chan

I purchased both courses from ASHP and ACCP. Your questions give the material from ACCP a run for its money, inasmuch as you present valid, valuable clinical information.

Mary B.

I was surprised by the ease it took me to understand the key concepts while reviewing your BCPS study guide. It was very reader-friendly and well written. For someone like me who has not had enough exposure to statistics, let alone biostatistics, it was of tremendous value.

Mike M.

The questions on this exam are similar in format and content to the actual NAPLEX exam. It’s an affordable way to assess your preparation and help you identify areas for additional study.

Alissa G.

The questions are great and so are the explanations- it’s so much easier to learn from a peer. Thank you for being willing to do this!

Jessica H.

Thanks for providing the mock exam – it was a big help for me.

Maria V.