BCMTMS Exam – What You Need to Know

BCMTMS Exam - What you need to know

A few months ago, I stumbled into a new pharmacist certification called the Board Certified Medication Therapy Management Specialist (BCMTMS). This certification is in its infancy, and if you wanted to get in on the ground level, this is certainly an opportunity to do that. Their first credentialing exam was administered in 2018 and they have already had significant interest with over 200 applications. I wanted to outline some information on the BCMTMS exam.

BCMTMS Exam Information

Many of the board certification exams are quite lengthy, and this one is no exception. You are allotted fours hours for 200 questions. I’ve helped others prepare for certification exams (BCPS, BCACP, BCGP, and NAPLEX), and this is moving along at a pretty good clip. 4 hours is 240 minutes. You need to set a pace of approximately 1 question per minute. They do have a short (FREE) practice exam that you should absolutely take advantage of.

BCMTMS Exam Content Outline

What do I like about the content outline? Their content outline indicates that 70% of the exam covers pharmacotherapy type questions. (see below) One of my greatest frustrations with the BCPS, BCGP, and BCACP content outlines is that there is such a large proportion of regulatory and non-clinical type questions.

“I. Defining Medication Therapy Management and Translating Medication Therapy Management into Practice (10%)
II. Mediation Therapy Management Pharmacotherapy (70%)
III. Patient Care Advocacy in Medication Therapy Management (10%)
IV. MTM Documentation and Billing (10%)” – BCMTMS content outline from nbmtm.org

If we compare that content outline to its closest cousin from BPS, the BCACP exam, it only covers pharmacotherapy as 37% of its exam.

How Easy or Hard is the BCMTMS Exam?

I always get asked these questions like “How hard is the exam?” They are tough to answer because the answer does depend upon your background and clinical experience. With that said, I have first-hand familiarity with BCPS and BCGP. I also have a lot of colleagues who have taken the BCACP exam and have done a lot of work personally reviewing the content outline and creating content for this exam. With that stated, I would guess that the BCMTMS exam would be slightly easier than the BCACP exam.

BCMTMS Pass Rate

There is a relatively small sample size with the new certification, but I suspect an 84.5% pass rate for the BCMTMS exam will not continue, but I could be wrong. The pass rate does indeed indicate that this certification exam may be somewhat easier than the BCACP exam. If you remember, historical pass rates for the BCACP exam lie in the 60-70% range. If you excel at pharmacotherapy, you absolutely should have an easier time passing.

Brand or Generic Names?

This is a frequently asked question on all pharmacist board exams. All BPS exams (BCPS, BCACP, BCGP, etc.) are generic names. The BCMTMS exam does not specify which drug names are on this exam, so I would ensure that you are ready to be able to identify both.

BCMTMS Study Materials

As with other board certifications, they do not promote or endorse any study materials. I am honored that my book, “The Thrill of the Case” received a mention and remember that I do have an Audible version of “The Thrill of the Case”. If you have never tried Audible before, you can get your first book for free by following this link.

As far as a comprehensive package for preparing for this exam, we have two options. With our BCMTMS All Access Pass, you can purchase 1-year access or 6-month access. We’ve done our best to cover all topics found in the BCMTMS content outline.

Here’s the link to their NBMTM website if you are looking for more information about this certification.

The National Board of Medication Therapy Management, Inc. (2019, February). 2018 Statistical Profile of Recently Board Certified Medication Therapy Management: An Annual Report of the National Board of Medication Therapy Management. Retrieved Date, from http://www.nbmtm.org/research


  1. Sultan

    Hi Dr
    Regarding this exam what is the reading materials you recommend for it and how I can find it.
    Am already MTM certified by APHA and American board of Pharmacotherapy also I found it interesting to take it for that I will start to prepare for very soon

    Thanks… best regards

    • Eric Christianson

      Hey, thanks for the message! If you are interested in applying to take the exam, you can find more information here: https://www.nbmtm.org/ – as far as study materials, they do have some listed on their website. After reviewing the content outline, our BCACP all access review package would definitely cover the overwhelming majority of these topics and be a good resource to help prepare.

    • Mariana

      Hi Sultan,
      I been considering considering to take APhA’s MTM certification course during the next annual meeting. Do you recommend it and Is it intensive? Does it prepare well for the above mentioned certification exam? Thank you

  2. Andrew

    Thanks for the info regarding BCMTMS! I am all about supporting board certifications for pharmacists. It’s very interesting the direction of BPS and other certification boards regarding pharmacists.

  3. James Farrell

    Thank you for shedding light on this area. Certainly an interesting concept.
    I had noticed many of the ‘MTM certificates’ being advertised, but I never really minded that there no “Board Certified MTM” credentials being offered.
    Interesting that NBMTM would create it’s own board.
    Several questions/observations arise….
    What would drive BCMTM to go independent, rather than joining/petitioning BPS
    Perhaps, when looking at outside players, such as PBMs, Insurance Companies, Employers, Industry, Regulatory Agencies, being ‘branded’ BCMTM may carry a different kind of weight than BCACP , PCPS, etc.
    Perhaps it’s an easier ‘sell’ or ‘buy-in’ to say I’m board certified in MTM, rather than trying to explain what BCACP or BSPSP is.
    Perhaps, in this new age of job competition, it’s a ‘grab’ for something needed in the market place.
    All in all, I believe there’s plenty of room for BCMTM along with BPS.
    My hope is that all players succeed, and the profession becomes stronger as a result.
    Thank you Eric for a very timely blog post.

  4. Reem Hinnawi

    Thank you Eric for the valuable post as always, and a special thank to Blair Thielemer who introduced you to us in her posts.
    I hope this new board certificate as my colleagues mentioned will open opportunities in healthcare industry for pharmacist. iam trying all the time to explore this field through outcomesMTM and always trying to get help in best practice to approach the patient’s profiles and doing CMRs an DTP.
    definitely , like Sultan said, I will also register for this exam soon, in the meanwhile if any can help me with tips and resources that may help me to do finish the patients profiles that waiting for me for long time and set on my outcomes dashboard will be highly appreciated..
    again Eric thank you and keep providing us with your pearls.

    • Eric Christianson

      Thanks for the message Reem, I’m going to be working on creating some content and covering the content outline of the new MTM exam. Targeting June or July 2019 to be finished up! – Best, Eric

  5. Walter Senters

    Thank you so much for the detailed information about the BCMTMS credentials! I would like to know if you will have a study guide or course for the exam just like what you did for the BCACP exam. 14 of my colleagues and I are taking the exam, but I have a hard time to find study guides for the billing, documentation, and URAC standards sections. The APhA package from their MTM certificate program has some information but that may not be sufficient for the exam.
    So my question is what are my chances to pass without seriously studying for those sections? Is it above 0% by any means?! Should I risk it and sit for the exam or there’s no way I will pass and it’s better to wait so when I have time to study and prepare well for it.
    Thank you!

    • Eric Christianson

      I’m working to adapt and create new content for this exam. Targeting June or July so stay tuned to the blog! – Eric

      • Mark Adjetey,PharmD;BCPS

        Great Eric, looking forward to it!

  6. Janshell

    I know of people who did the UF master in Medication Therapy Management! I never understood what an entire in Master Program in that field would be but I’m thinking that certification only lessens its marketing potential!

  7. vi

    Do we need to have certificate in MTM in orer to apply to this board certified Med Theapy Specialist? so I just found out about this board today.. I only knew about certificate from Power Pak and Univerifty of Florida…thanks

    • Eric Christianson

      No, you do not have to have an MTM certificate to apply to take the exam. Here’s the link to the eligibility requirements. https://www.nbmtm.org/bcmtms/

  8. vi

    Thank you so much for your reply even though I’ve been working for retail and PBM but I try to advance my career.

    • Eric Christianson

      No problem at all!

  9. Matthew B Zimmerman

    Eric, I appreciate your blog and/or messaging herein. I too am interested in taking this BCMTMS exam and preparation. I’ve taken the Powerpak MTM program and passed that. The Board for the MCMTMS exam and application will accept in lu of work experience certain criteria you can do and be eligible to sit for BCMTMS exam. The Powerpak MTM exam is one of them. You must provide copy of certificate to Board. Yes, see resource guide for details. Eric, will be interested in your MTM preps come June/July and also you BCAP/Ambulatory Care exam material.

    • Eric Christianson

      Thanks for the message! Working on the BCMTMS package right now…should be out in the next few weeks!!!

  10. Neda

    HI Eric
    What references do you think is more helpful? nbmtm has a long confusing list of references.
    Is your MTM prep ready and how we can get it?

    • Eric Christianson

      Hi Neda, yes, it is ready to roll! You can find it here: https://www.meded101.com/bcmtms-study-material-options/
      We followed the content outline in creating the materials. The All-Access pass contains a review course, nearly 1,000 questions, and supplemental resources as well. Thanks for reaching out!


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Written By Eric Christianson

April 28, 2019

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