BCGP Pass Rate for Spring 2018 = 43%?!? What Gives?

BCGP Pass Rate

The BCGP pass rate has historically been excellent compared to BCPS, BCACP, critical care, etc.  I had a request from a follower to comment on this given the recent drop in the BCGP pass rate.

The BCGP credential has switched over to the BPS umbrella now.  Prior to the switch, pass rates were around the upper 70’s low 80’s%. Apparently this change had led to a skydive type fall in the pass rate.  I anticipated a drop, but not this much. BPS had a press release with the recent Spring 2018 pass rates and the BCGP pass rate was 43%!  With rates like that, you get the sense that participants would have been just as well off guessing “C” for all the questions. Obviously there is cause for concern if you are taking BCGP this fall, so I will provide some guidance on how to interpret this horrible BCGP Pass Rate and speculate why this might have happened.

The main question I was asked was about the significant drop in the number of participants taking the BCGP exam from 2017 to 2018.  I did alert many about the changes in the exam format and I think most were under the impression that the “old” CGP exam was going to be easier.  Many had emailed me in 2017 about the exam and if they should try to get it done before the format changed.  With that thought process, I believe there was a rush by many pharmacists to get their BCGP complete for fear that the exam would get much harder in 2018.  I do believe this played a role in a significantly larger number taking the exam in 2017 versus 2018.

The 2018 format is naturally going to be harder.  The number of answers to each question switched from 3 to 4.  I also suspect that the BPS grading curve is a much stiffer one.  This is only speculation as I am not privy to what all plays into the scoring process.

BPS is kind of notorious about testing on biostatistics.  I wonder if there is a higher percentage of questions on this as well?

Many have signed up to take BCGP in the fall of 2018 and are excited to do so.  You may be a little more nervous seeing the 43% BCGP pass rate.  I would certainly make sure I am well prepared.  I’m a glass half full kind of guy, so at least you have about a 50/50 shot of passing this exam.  You have to review the content outline for the BCGP exam.  We have done our best to cover all of these topics in our study material to give you the best shot at passing this challenging exam.  Whichever study strategies and material you use, be sure to focus a good chunk of time on non-drug issues in relation to geriatrics.  Some examples listed as quoted from the BPS content outline include:

  • “The spectrum of aging from healthy aging to frailty
  • The physiological heterogeneity of older adults
  • Social issues (e.g., family, cultural, community, housing, access to care, policy issues, medication use)
  • Financial issues (e.g., formularies, insurance coverage)
  • Principles of ethics (e.g., self-determination, autonomy, justice in the distribution of resources)
  • Elder abuse/neglect
  • Communication barriers (e.g., cognitive, sensory, cultural, language, health literacy)
  • Functional barriers to activities of daily living and instrumental activities of daily living”

Good luck to those seeking certification this fall and just remember that a good chunk of people still did pass!

One of those was Fazia H. who said this about our study material;

“Wanted to say a big thank you for your in-depth geriatric course. Passed the April exam.”

For those who are preparing to pass, we have 6 month or 1 year access options to our BCGP study material.

Written By Eric Christianson

July 18, 2018

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