Board Certified Geriatric Pharmacist Exam Is Changing in 2018

I received notification a few months back now that my title “Certified Geriatric Pharmacist” (CGP) will now be changing to “Board Certified Geriatric Pharmacist” (BCGP).  In addition to this superficial change, I suspect the Board Certified Geriatric Pharmacist Exam will be changing as well.

To those who are board certified in geriatrics or those considering pursuing this certification, you should be aware that the owner of the geriatric certification will now be Board of Pharmacy Specialties.  Why does it matter?  The exam format will likely change.  The previous format was 150 multiple choice questions with 3 possible answers.  This will now change to 175 questions with 4 multiple choice questions.

From the majority of pharmacists I have encountered who have taken multiple certification exams, I believe most of them felt that the CGP, now BCGP exam was the easiest.  I believe this was also confirmed by statistical passing rates.  Historically, BCPS and BCACP pass rates have been in the 60’s% range, while I had heard from a source that CGP pass rate was in the upper 70% range.

What would I expect for 2018 BCGP exam takers? I don’t know if the exam will be harder, but I would strongly suspect that it will be at a minimum graded on a tougher scale to more closely align the pass rates of the BCPS and BCACP exams.

Resource from CCGP – Frequently Asked Questions (or BPS FAQ)

Resource from BPS – About Geriatric Specialty

Notable changes that exam takers should be aware of for 2018:

  • Only two testing periods (spring and fall) versus 4 (quarterly) previously
  • Increase in length of exam (150 to 175)
  • Increase in # of answers for the multiple choice questions (3 increased to 4 possible answers)
  • Content Outline – I can only speculate if this will change significantly in 2018, but a shift in focus/emphasis may be a possibility with this change to BPS

If you are interested in resources for helping to prepare you for studying for the BCGP exam, I have created a few resources that may be useful for you.

Written By Eric Christianson

June 25, 2017

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