A Sincere Thank You – 1,000,000 Times!

I was at a conference a few years back and was incredibly excited about the level of interest I was seeing online in the educational blog posts I was sharing.  I remember telling a group of pharmacy people that I was sharing case scenarios and pharmacy education online.  I won’t ever get that image of the response out of my head.  A very respected member of the education community gave one of the biggest eye rolls I’ve ever seen.  They obviously thought it was a stupid idea.  I knew from what you all were telling me, and the positive responses I was getting, that it wasn’t a stupid idea.

Looking back, that was exactly what I needed to keep going and fueled my passion to continue to educate in this non-traditional manner. We hit a milestone this week, and I honestly have a hard time believing it.  Thanks to all of you liking and sharing the blog posts and pages of the website as well as those who’ve purchased study material or books, we’ve past the 1 million page views mark, which is just incredible to me.

For those of you that may not have been here when I started this blog, I wanted to find a way to share some of the lessons I learn everyday when helping patients and other healthcare professionals.  I’ve been doing that since 2013.  My goal was a simple 10,000 page views.  I think we’ve overachieved 🙂

A huge thanks to my wife who puts up with my need to blog and the time involved in doing it.  She’s also helped me so much with some of the books and study materials we’ve created.

Another big thanks goes out to all the guest contributors.  I’ve had numerous pharmacists step up and share a story from their personal experience.  I feel like I’ve learned more from them than I’ve shared myself.

I’ve had a few brilliant pharmacists who’ve also helped me with the book writing/study guide process.  They’ve done a wonderful job and a big thanks goes to them.

If you have suggestions about resources or ideas that would be helpful to you or general constructive comments about the website, facebook page, twitter page, or anything in general, please feel free to email me at [email protected]

Thanks again, your support has been amazing!

Eric Christianson, PharmD, BCPS, BCGP


  1. Dr.Onyema Ezeanya

    Seeking to take the critical care exam soon. Do you have any contacts or resources, links etc that would be helpful for review?

    • Eric Christianson

      The stats study guide is all I have that might be relevant at this time…ACCP is probably the best resource for that, ASHP may also have some help/guidance for exam takers. Best wishes on the exam! Eric

  2. Hui

    Congrats! That’s a great achievement! It’s always nice to see pharmacist making an impact and you’re definitely doing that very well.

    I apologies for not leaving comment as often, but I have been following this blog for almost two years since 2015! And I certainly had learned a lot from your case studies.

    Please do continue doing what you are doing now, and I will try to leave more comment as I can.

    • Eric Christianson

      Thanks so much for following for that long! That means a lot!

  3. Patty Poczciwinski

    Congrats Eric!
    The BCACP practice test was very helpful! I passed!

    • Eric Christianson

      Awesome, great to hear Patty, Congrats!

  4. Nahed

    Congrats Eric
    I’ve learned a lot from case scenarios and they certainly helped me in my clinical pharmacy practice so thank you so much

  5. gopinath

    Sharing an idea either traditional or non Traditional in healthcare takes the profession to a newer heights…Thank you Eric..

  6. emad

    Thanks, Eric , the blog you’ve created made me addicted to this daily paragraphs just to pass by like coffee break during my work.
    you’ve contributed by your keen, sincere, and commitment to the blog to vast awareness to many pharmacists around the world and I’m one of them.

  7. Maryann Chmilar

    You provide very valuable & practical pharmacy practice education Eric. I always enjoy your posts & find them helpful & informative.
    Many thanks to you for providing a valuable practice tool.

  8. Nadiya

    Thank you, Eric for your blog. Also thank you for stat preparation material and mock test, statistic especially, I used it in preparation for Geriatric test.

  9. Leidiana

    Way to go Eric, keep up the great job!!! Case scenarios are always helpful.

  10. Larry M KIMANI

    Well in Eric, we enjoy reading your posts and learn a great deal of stuff which helps shape our practice.


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Written By Eric Christianson

September 10, 2017

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