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BCGP Bullets

I’ve had individuals ask about a BCGP study guide book similar to the POPULAR BCPS Bullets and BCACP bullets. I’ve taken the clinical content and pearls from those popular books and also added in critical nuggets to help you prepare for the geriatric-specific portions of the BCGP exam.

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While this book is certainly intended to be an excellent crash course BCGP review, it would be a great reference for a clinical pharmacist looking to stay sharp with their geriatric skillset.

If you are preparing for the BCGP exam, this book will be a must have to ensure that you are studying every possible area on the content outline. That is what we based the Table of Contents off of.

Within the BCGP Bullets book and the BCGP All Access Pass, we have covered the clinical content very well with hard hitting must know pearls. In addition, we have done our best to focus on non-clinical content which is critical to passing this exam. Topics like hospice, palliative care, financial concerns, ageism, Advanced Directives, caregiver burnout, therapeutic nihilism, elder abuse, ADL’s, IADLS, and frailty could all show up on your exam and are all covered in our combined study materials.

BCGP Bullets, along with BCPS Bullets and BCACP Bullets were designed to be coupled with each of our Board Certification All Access Passes.

If you have purchased BCPS Bullets or BCACP Bullets in the past, must of the clinical content is the same. The real differentiator here is the non-clinical content that is specific to the BCGP exam.

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Written By Eric Christianson

February 10, 2019

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