Year in review and what’s on tap for 2016

I’ve been really excited about this blog post.  I posted goals for 2015 about a year ago, and here we are.  Did we achieve them?

Yes, and then some.  I’m really happy about that.  One of my favorite quotes is from Zig Ziglar, “if you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time.”

My favorite accomplishments this year!

  • BCPS Practice Exam
  • 400,000+ page views and over 3,000 subscribers
  • 2 Questions on Facebook everyday (thanks to my wonderful wife for the help!)
  • BCPS Statistics Study Guide
  • NAPLEX Practice Exam
  • NCLEX top 200 drug study guide
  • Amazon #1 Best Selling Case Book

With so many directions to go and so many problems to help people with, here’s where I’m heading.

  1. I’m working with a great friend and colleague to create a BCACP practice exam.  I’m optimistic it can be done by February 1st.  Subscribers will of course get a great deal upon release (I’m thinking about 50% off the regular price!)
  2. Podcast!  I haven’t settled on a topic(s) yet, but am thinking about doing a drug for every podcast and try to provide some real life clinical information.  (Ideal target will be for those taking NAPLEX, NCLEX, USMLE, or pharmacist board certifications)
  3. I’m also collaborating with a couple of great pharmacists who’ve recently graduated to create a new 2016 NAPLEX mock exam.  Goal for launch on this is late winter/early spring; March-May time frame.  Again, stay tuned for a great initial offer if you are a subscriber.
  4. It was really cool to help nurses with pharmacology with the NCLEX ebook! I’ve created a PDF now available (but I would recommend purchasing the ebook as you will get this free with a discount code).  It is 130 basic medication related questions.
  5. A NAPLEX  drug study guide is coming…the goal is to get it done before May.  If interested in this, would you like it by disease state or listed by drugs?  Also any other suggestions that would be helpful for studying let me know.  This will be in the ballpark of 10-20$ or less, but definitely full of plenty of content.
  6. The last goal would be to create one video course on clinical pharmacy, maybe long term care?

I’m always open to different ideas, so please drop me an email (or a message here) if you have something that you need help with! [email protected]

Have a great year everyone and as always thanks for sharing this website with your friends…If no one shared it, I wouldn’t be where I’m at today…thank you!!!

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  1. Florentina Eller

    Dr. Christianson,
    Thank you for all the useful lessons and tips you share with us from your practice!

    I’m a 2015 graduate, LTC pharmacist and I found podcasts to be an easy and enjoyable way to stay up to date, especially if you have to drive 35 minutes each way 4 times a week. I listen to Fresh Air, TED TALK, Snap Judgment, This American Life, and so far, the best pharmacy podcast I found it’s called – Helix Talk – hosted by Rosalind Franklin College of Pharmacy.

    Dr. Christianson, I’d love to listen to your podcast. Please let me how to access it.
    Thank you, and best of luck!


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Written By Eric Christianson

January 10, 2016

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