Digoxin Potassium Relationship

I’ve been asked to discuss the relationship between Digoxin levels and potassium…so I will. Digoxin toxicity was discussed earlier this week, and obviously the kidney plays a big role in both digoxin levels and potassium homeostasis. Individuals with low potassium may be more susceptible to possible digoxin toxicity i.e. they may experience toxicity at digoxin levels lower than the usually accepted upper limit of 2–per Lexicomp. What can affect potassium levels? In many cases, digoxin is used in the management of congestive heart failure. In congestive heart failure, there is a high utilization of diuretics (especially loops) which can significantly reduce potassium levels and potentially increase the risk of digoxin toxicity as described above. Close monitoring of renal function and potassium levels are very important in appropriate use of digoxin.

Written By Eric Christianson

December 15, 2013

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