What Would my Wife Say?

Some humor today, because we can’t take life too seriously all the time!  It was a beautiful, quiet afternoon at a LTC facility.  Everything was going smoothly without many issues that day and I was focused.

While reading through some progress notes for a particular resident, I couldn’t help but have that feeling that someone was slowly approaching me from behind and to the left.  Not knowing what was going to happen, I slowly leaned back and to the right.  There was a 90+ year old resident with her lips puckered asking, “Well aren’t you going to kiss me?”

I remember stammering a little bit, looking for the right words.  I threw out this softball for her, “Ah, what would my wife say?”  To which her response was, “We don’t have to tell her”. – Well played.

You truly never know what is going to happen at a long term care facility.

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  1. William

    Haha. Great little humorous story!

  2. Stephen Bailey

    Yes ! But if she has a Smart Phone, that might be a different matter, Never look a gift horse in the mouth. Without wondering, if the horse might BOLT ! Life is full of surprises. Look Right, then Left & cross the road, with a little old lady, that will probably want to go back & do it all over again ! haha lol


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Written By Eric Christianson

March 25, 2015

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