What Does it Take to Create a Transitional Care Model

Transitions of care are a big deal and something I care about deeply. I’ve seen so many mistakes in my practice as an MTM pharmacist, Assisted Living Consultant, LTC Consultant, and in community pharmacy. I recently watched some of Blair Thielemeir’s Elevate Pharmacy Summit and I was really inspired by the effort and energy this pharmacist, Jennifer Shannon, put in to create a transitional care model.

Students and other pharmacists will often ask me, how do I do something different or how do I develop a new practice? I can speak from my experience and say that it takes time and effort. Failure will be a part of the process. In the video, she discusses that it took her “hundreds” of attempts to finally get where she wanted to be in developing a transitional care model. She contacted the hospital “every day for almost a year”. To put it simply, that’s the kind of effort and persistence that you need to take if you want to create something. She wanted to give up, but she didn’t. I would highly encourage you to listen to this pharmacist’s story of developing her transitional care practice.

Here are some lessons from the front line of my experiences in developing an ambulatory care practice.

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Written By Eric Christianson

May 3, 2020

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