Respiratory Med List Review

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Ativan 16


Med List Review tonight! – Where I pick out a couple of points to prioritize, and you can help by adding in other things you’d like to investigate with the patient’s medications!  I’m going to try to restrain myself tonight!

1. Pretty obvious to see from the meds that this patient has some significant respiratory issues.  Between Advair, Spiriva, Albuterol, oxygen, and (likely) oral prednisone – this patient obviously struggles in that department.   Always important to try to minimize systemic prednisone if possible, so would like to know if that’s a chronic dose or a short term burst.  If chronic prednisone, osteoporosis amongst other things should be assessed/treated as appropriate (i.e. Vitamin D, Bisphosphonate).

2. Decent doses of Lasix/potassium, so I’d make sure the electrolytes/kidney function looks ok.

Plenty more to address – Thanks in advance for your ideas/comments!


Written By Eric Christianson

July 6, 2014

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