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My style of learning isn’t always conducive to sitting down and reading book chapters.  I also don’t feel like I accomplish everything I want to when I read in that it takes a long time for stuff to sink in when I learn that way.  I tend to lose focus on what I’m reading.  Throughout my pharmacy education, I was always a bullet point learner.  Just sum up what I need to know quickly.

I was in a meeting one time with a bunch of different faculty members, and I will never forget the discussion of traditional text book learning.  One of them had a student that flat out said they did not like reading, and virtually everyone laughed.  I don’t prefer reading, I will say it.  If I had the choice of listening to an audiobook, podcast, or watching a Youtube video versus reading, I’m picking the non-reading option.  Now, I’m not condoning that you don’t learn how to read, interpret, and understand relevant literature.  For me, it is often a necessary evil.  I am not nearly as efficient at learning by reading a textbook.  It’s time to rethink pharmacy education and realize that people learn in different ways.

For those of you that enjoy podcasts (and pharmacy education of course), I’m going to highly recommend that you go listen to the Pharmacy Joe Podcast.  I’ve reached out to him on Twitter a couple of times and listened to the podcast.  He does a great job, and is a shining star for the profession!  Go check out his podcast and help him grow his audience, it is great stuff!  Thanks Pharmacy Joe!  I would love to see other clinical pharmacy specialists start podcasts, blogs, vlogs, and whatever other non-traditional forms of education exist; I’ve always tried to leave my blog open to guest posts from other clinical pharmacy experts if that interests you! (Contact me if interested in contributing)

PS I’m working/planning on a podcast as well to try to diversify my medication education!  Just a reminder to check out my YouTube channel for clinical pharmacy videos!


  1. Tony

    I appreciate the hint, but I get frustrated… I wonder, how am I ever going to switch to hospital and find myself in a situation where I am “pushing the pressors”? (This was one of his podcast posts.)

    I guess hospital pharmacy is a totally different animal from retail, even when retail has clinical leanings.


    • Eric Christianson

      Thanks for the comment Tony, I’m more ambulatory/clinical; but I just really enjoy hearing about different aspects of pharmacy…I think it really helps us relate to one another and helps us all become more well rounded!

    • Pharmacy Joe

      Hi Tony! It’s true I do focus on critical care hospital pharmacy practice, but some of my episodes are also useful to pharmacists in other practice settings. I’d be honored if you would check out these episodes & let me know what you think:

      Episode 7: 7 tips on how to stay current with medical literature.
      Episode 9: How to talk like a physician and get a physician to listen like a pharmacist.
      Episode 12: How to evaluate QTc drug interactions.


  2. John Joachim

    I don’t think I’m being too old-school for shaking my head at the thought of a Pharmacist not reading (and not just literature for work). I will say, however, Pharmacy Joe moved me to install a podcast app for my phone and subscribe to his yarn. After all, some places I just hear better than I read (like in rush-hour traffic). That said, I’m still shaking my head.

    Btw, Ed: great, great, GrrrrrrEAT blog. I READ it all the time!!! [see what I did there?]

    • Eric Christianson

      Thanks for the kind words John! I definitely read, but with two little ones at home, a job I’m driving a lot for, trying to take care of myself once in a while (working out, going for a walk), and keeping on top of a blog, podcasts and audiobooks suit me very well. You are right though, I probably should try to find more dedicated time in my schedule. I also enjoy the comments from other pharmacists on the blog 🙂 I’m definitely not perfect and it gives me a unique look at questions or potential problems that others would identify. I also like trying to find good stuff on Youtube once in a while!

  3. Kelly

    Thank you for sharing. What is good podcast for clinical pharmacist in hospital? Thanks

    • Eric Christianson

      Definitely check out pharmacy Joe podcast! – The Elective Rotation


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Written By Eric Christianson

September 16, 2015

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