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My style of learning isn’t always conducive to sitting down and reading book chapters.  I also don’t feel like I accomplish everything I want to when I read in that it takes a long time for stuff to sink in when I learn that way.  I tend to lose focus on what I’m reading.  Throughout my pharmacy education, I was always a bullet point learner.  Just sum up what I need to know quickly.

I was in a meeting one time with a bunch of different faculty members, and I will never forget the discussion of traditional text book learning.  One of them had a student that flat out said they did not like reading, and virtually everyone laughed.  I don’t prefer reading, I will say it.  If I had the choice of listening to an audiobook, podcast, or watching a Youtube video versus reading, I’m picking the non-reading option.  Now, I’m not condoning that you don’t learn how to read, interpret, and understand relevant literature.  For me, it is often a necessary evil.  I am not nearly as efficient at learning by reading a textbook.  It’s time to rethink pharmacy education and realize that people learn in different ways.

For those of you that enjoy podcasts (and pharmacy education of course), I’m going to highly recommend that you go listen to the Pharmacy Joe Podcast.  I’ve reached out to him on Twitter a couple of times and listened to the podcast.  He does a great job, and is a shining star for the profession!  Go check out his podcast and help him grow his audience, it is great stuff!  Thanks Pharmacy Joe!  I would love to see other clinical pharmacy specialists start podcasts, blogs, vlogs, and whatever other non-traditional forms of education exist; I’ve always tried to leave my blog open to guest posts from other clinical pharmacy experts if that interests you! (Contact me if interested in contributing)

PS I’m working/planning on a podcast as well to try to diversify my medication education!  Just a reminder to check out my YouTube channel for clinical pharmacy videos!

Written By Eric Christianson

September 16, 2015

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