Pharmacist Provider Status – Where are we Headed?

I played a ton of baseball growing up and I want to use a baseball analogy to help describe where I feel we are at in this process. Tie ballgame, there’s two outs in the 9th, runner on third. You’ve just hit a high chopper to the shortstop who’s waiting for the ball to get to him. What kind of runner are you? Are you going to run your heart out and run through first base, or are you going to pull up easy. It’s pretty hard to route for the guy jogging to first ready to go play extra innings, isn’t it? I read a couple comments following a recent blog on provider status, and one of them encouraged pharmacists to do the bare minimum and watch the healthcare system fail without us. That attitude scares me and if that’s the plan, I want no part of it. Pour your heart and soul into your work and pharmacists will prove themselves as essential and valuable components of the healthcare team.  Am I perfect, of course not, but I believe hard work and effort will sway the opinion of patients, healthcare professionals and ultimately legislators.  I signed up educate, inform, protect and most important help patients navigate their way through the monumental challenge of using medications appropriately.  So rather than pull back, refuse to help and do the minimum required, I’m asking that you work harder, help more, and become an irreplaceable component of the healthcare team. Payment and recognition will follow. I believe it will happen, just a matter of when. – Run through the base!

For more information on pharmacist provider status, you can find it here: http://www.pharmacist.com/provider-status-what-pharmacists-need-know-now




Written By Eric Christianson

April 5, 2014

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