Pharmacist Provider Status Update – We Are Winning Hearts, Minds, and Jobs

I’ve worked with so many great pharmacists and we are truly winning the hearts and minds of our fellow colleagues. I can’t thank you all enough for how much work you have all put in to grow and develop the profession into what I believe it should be. Pharmacists need to play an active role in helping patients managing medications.

I recognize that pharmacists are not yet acknowledged as providers under federal law and more particularly under CMS. I don’t have a true legislative update regarding pharmacist provider status, but more of an update on the recognition we are receiving as a profession. Pharmacist provider status, in a legislative sense, does matter to me personally, but I must encourage you not to stop seeking out clinical positions and maybe even more importantly, creating clinical positions. It is happening and it is continuing to pick up steam and recognition from our non-pharmacist healthcare friends.

The Curbsiders’ Internal Medicine Podcast is one that I listen to on occasion, especially when they talk about disease states that rely heavily on medication management. They have a very large audience and influence on healthcare and more particularly in the hearts and minds of providers. One of the latest episodes they released was on diabetes so I was all ears. What has given me hope in our profession and the growth of clinical roles is that our physician friends are actively acknowledging how advantageous it is to have a pharmacist on the team who can help their patients manage diabetes.

Take a listen to this podcast episode and if you scroll ahead to the 24-minute mark, you can get to the sweet spot where many of our colleagues deserve huge credit for creating this type of trust and confidence within our physician friends.

A huge thank you to all our colleagues who are doing life-changing work and providing high-level clinical services to the patients we care about and the providers that we work with!

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Written By Eric Christianson

September 29, 2021

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