Opioid Equivalencies – Are They Really?

opioid equivalencies

Opioid equivalencies are a challenging item.  If you look online, you can find opioid equivalency tables all over the place.  They are useful tools, but they may not tell the complete story.

In the video below, I discuss opioid equivalencies and how genetic variations can make conversions difficult.  These genetic variations is why I typically do not recommend converting opioids if you don’t have to. I also recently released a podcast on hydrocodone and CYP2D6 where I discuss how kinetics can play a role in patient response.

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  1. Shelley

    I’m beginning to think those tables can really just be a guideline not the rule! Throw in some sickle cell patients and then it gets really interesting!


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Written By Eric Christianson

August 26, 2018

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