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It all started with educational posts on Facebook and has been a wild ride since then, and I’ve certainly invested way too much time to turn back now!  It’s been 1 year since the initiation of meded101, and approximately 6 months since the initiation of this site and I’m extremely optimistic about the future of medication education.  I can’t thank you all enough for the support!

Here’s a breakdown of the interest in medication education we’ve generated with meded101:

On the Facebook page, our contributors and myself have generated a reach of over 80,000 with over 600 likes

On Twitter @mededucation101 – The tweets have reached over 70,000 accounts and have made over 120,000 impressions in the last week alone!  Currently there are over 2,300 followers of the @mededucation101 Account!

On the website , there’ve been nearly 25,000 page views in over 100+ countries since initiation of the site!

A few goals I’m going to throw down for the coming year –

1. Additional 50,000 page views to the website

2. 2,000 likes on Facebook

3. 5,000 followers on Twitter

4. Creating innovative ways to educate including unique recorded webinars, live webinars, and premium content!

5. Having more unique posts from guest contributors who are experts in their field!

Thank you all so much, and a special thanks to the early adopters of meded101 – You know who you are!



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Written By Eric Christianson

July 1, 2014

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