I’m Thankful for Great People!

A few months back, I had this enlightening interaction with a nursing home resident: I was working away at a nurses’ station and this elderly gentleman strolls by in his wheel chair, telling me I must be a student (probably because I look like I’m 12). I said no, I’m actually a pharmacist – he looked very confused. I tried to ask him how his day was going, and again looked confused. At this point, I was starting to think that he most likely had some form of dementia. Then he asks me “how are the crops looking out there and is anyone out in the field”. Seeing an opening, I said there are some combines out working on wheat. “Did you grow up on a farm?” he says. I said to him, you probably won’t believe, but I did. How bout you? “All my life” he says. At this point, I was starting to figure out that he was a little more with it than I had initially given him credit. Then he asked me “why aren’t you farming?” and I said that I just decided to take a different path. At this point he was looking at me like I had a “third eye” to quote one of my colleagues. You could tell he was thinking, why would anyone not want to farm if they had the chance? Then, you could tell he was starting to put it together as he said, “You have brother’s don’t you?” I said I have three older brothers. “I bet one of them farms” he says. “You got it” I told him. The world was right again in his mind.


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Written By Eric Christianson

November 28, 2013

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