Give More, Complain Less = Unbelievable Opportunity

Before I began my 2nd full time career as an educator online I found myself complaining about others more often than I would like – Why didn’t this nurse know this? Why didn’t this doctor know that? What was that pharmacist thinking? – I somehow did a 180 with those complaints into a direct question to myself; what was I doing about it?  The truth to that answer cut deep.  The truth was I was doing bits and pieces to help educate, but there was zero doubt in my mind that I could give more and complain less.

The reality of giving more has taken me to a place in my professional career that I never could’ve dreamed.  I’ve had wonderful colleagues contribute great content, been offered various interviews, opportunities to guest post on blogs, had some of the most kind people give words of encouragement and praise, been mentioned in a national journal, and had my cases shared literally to thousands of healthcare professionals spanning over 100 countries, but last week, it got real.

I received an email from a reporter asking my thoughts on the Namenda situation which I recently posted about.  Yes, my thoughts.  This reporter was not from my local hometown paper (no offense Northern Star).  This reporter was from the Wall Street Journal.  Yes, that Wall Street FREAKIN Journal!  (Pardon my language) – The newspaper with the highest circulation in the US!  I was humbled beyond belief and thrilled to have this unique opportunity!  One tweet out of thousands gave me this chance, but I couldn’t help but think why me versus the thousands of other quality healthcare professionals out there?  Other than dumb luck, the only explanation I have for this has been about 14 months of giving more and simply being visible and available to educate.   Without social media and blogging, there is no chance I’d have this opportunity at even the end of my career, much less in the earlier stages.  Honored is the best word I can come up with, but that doesn’t do it justice.  Thanks to everyone for helping grow Meducation Nation!  I will leave you with one of my favorite quotes – Back to Meducation Sunday Night!



Written By Eric Christianson

September 24, 2014

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