A Free Sample of My Biggest Project to Date!

I’ve been working over the last six months or so on a condensed BCPS study guide.  As always, I will be given a substantial discount upon release of the new book, so stayed tuned in the next month or two.  It will be over 150 topics and give you the most important clinical pearls from those topics.  It is going to end up being well over 300 pages!!!!  A few other pharmacists and myself are working on the proofing/editing at this time.  I’m also thinking about what to title the book.  Here’s what I am thinking so far.

“BCPS Bullets: The Distilled BCPS Study Guide” or do you like

“BCPS Bullets: The Condensed BCPS Study Guide”

If you have any other good ideas as to a title, I would be all ears!

Here’s a sample topic of what to expect –



  • Parathyroid hormone is released from the parathyroid gland
  • Hormone that aids in calcium and phosphorus homeostasis
  • High parathyroid hormone causes higher calcium levels and lower phosphorus levels
  • Low parathyroid hormone can cause higher phosphorus levels and lower calcium levels
  • Secondary hyperparathyroidism is common in kidney failure
  • Hyperparathyroidism increases risk of osteoporosis, kidney stones
  • Kidney failure
    • Inability or reduced ability to convert vitamin D to most active form
    • Causes a drop in calcium level
    • Drop in calcium stimulates PTH production and possible inappropriate elevation
  • Maintaining calcium phosphorus is very important
  • Elevated serum calcium can contribute to increased cardiovascular risks

Common risk factors

  • Females
  • Lithium use

Medications to Know

  • Calcimimetics
    • Cinacalcet
    • Reduces parathyroid hormone by “mimicking” calcium in the negative feedback loop
      • Remember that high calcium levels will cause reduced parathyroid hormone via negative feedback
    • Incredibly important to monitor calcium and phosphorus
    • Side effects
      • Low BP, parathesias fatigue, GI, Anemia
    • 3A4 Inhibitors may increase concentration of this drug
    • Very expensive
  • Vitamin D analogs
    • Stimulates calcium preservation
    • Increase in calcium levels from vitamin D will cause a reduction in parathyroid hormone production and release
    • Vitamin D also can increase phosphorus levels
    • Monitoring of calcium/phosphorus is important
  • Bisphosphonates
    • Can help reduce loss of calcium out of bones
    • Protection of osteoporosis
    • See osteoporosis for more information
  • Phosphate Binders
    • Critical for patients who have higher phosphorus levels
    • See dialysis for more information

If you have any comments or questions, please leave a comment below! Thanks,


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  1. Corey

    Do you plan on making on for ambulatory care

    • Eric Christianson

      On the list Corey 🙂 – targeting fall 2017 or at latest spring 2018

  2. Doug Libby


    I just took the exam Fall 2016 and every question is a lengthy paragraph with lab values followed by the actual question. Giving a question in this format and then listing the pearls during the answer will invaluable. Add this feature and double your asking price. Take care.

    Doug Libby

    • Eric Christianson

      Thanks for the comment Doug!

  3. Jacque

    I just ordered the sample exam & STATS. I hope you have this ready before March—I’m taking the exam in May ! 🙂

    • Eric Christianson

      I’m working diligently 🙂 Goal is mid March. Thanks and happy studying!

  4. Diane N.

    Hi Eric,
    Please recommend some of the reference books for preparing certified geriatric pharmacy. Thanks

  5. Jacqueline Bailey

    Hi !!! I ordered the sample exam & the stats info & have not received it yet. Please provide w/an update on when I can expect these. Thanks so much!


    • Eric Christianson

      Did you get everything you needed? If not, please feel free to email me at [email protected] – happy studying! – Eric

  6. Jacqueline Bailey

    I see the answer to one of my questions above. LOL. Sorry. Are these items (the sample exam & stats info) going to be in paper format or computerized?


    • Eric Christianson

      Hey Jacque – the stats and mock exam are downloadable PDF’s – so they are electronic, but you can certainly print them off if you wish! By your latest comment, you did receive the links in your email correct? If not, shoot me an email at [email protected]


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Written By Eric Christianson

February 15, 2017

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