Epilepsy Sucks – A Day in the Life

I stumbled across this post from a friend on Facebook that she wants the world needs to see.  – Sincere respect and it puts things into a little perspective.

So November is Epilepsy Awareness Month and it has been a rough one so far for G. To spread the awareness and give perspective. I walk you thru a “normal” day for G. Today:
4:35 am- 10 minute long tonic clonic seizure, then exhausted, falls back asleep
5:07 am- 8 minute long tonic clonic seizure that has her right side flaccid and left side seizing, unable to swallow well- so drooling like crazy. falls back asleep
6:24 am- 7 minute tonic clonic seizure- that affects that right side and this time interrupts her normal breathing. falls back asleep
7:15 am- still sleeping, but need to get up for school- to try to keep life as normal as possible. Plus she adores her classmates, her teachers and friends there.
8:25 am- Attempt to make it to school but she does not want to walk- so mom picks her up and we duck and run cuz its darn cold
8:30 am- 3pm – at school- note says- “small pulses on and off…about once an hour” in the am, then “Went to music and PE and did great”, then this afternoon “After 5 minutes of small pulses, they turned into large pulses and her eyes rolled back and facial expression was in an odd position” I get this last one as a text. How scary for G and her para who is caring for her at school.
3pm- ride home from school, Greta is exhausted
4pm- walking around the living room at home and has a DROP seizure where her whole body collapses to the ground without any warning (hate these the most)
5pm- walking around the living room- happy as can be- another DROP
6pm- walking around the living room- another DROP
6:30pm- small pulses for about 5 minutes while eating supper
7:15pm- another $@!**$%^ DROP
think you all get the point…..
Not looking for sympathy- just awareness of what some families live with on a day to day basis. The best thing you can do for families that have to live with epilepsy is pray for their little one or loved one that has to live with this horrible condition, then pray for their families who care for them. Even after 7 years, each seizure breaks a little bit more of their hearts. Then be willing to support them, swear with them, hug them, and pray some more for them. And the families that have to go thru this everyday are some of the lucky victims of epilepsy, as they still have their child around to care for unlike others whose child has died because of seizures.

Funny thing is I often wonder if God hears my prayers when sometimes all a Mom wants to do is swear

Once again- no sympathy needed, just awareness and prayers are appreciated.
Epilepsy sucks-
But G just walked into the office- and gave me a big smile and wants to crawl up on my lap- and that my friends is darn amazing!

Donated by a dedicated mother and daughter trying to battle epilepsy one day at a time.


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Written By Eric Christianson

November 17, 2014

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