Dosage Forms for Smoking Cessation – Who Doesn’t Like Options?

There are a lot of different dosage forms for smoking cessation.  This is really nice for patients in trying to find a way to help them quit smoking.

A 65 year old female has COPD, CVD with prior MI x2.  After a lengthy discussion, she is ready to quit smoking and would like help in doing so.  She has been reluctant to quit in the past because she doesn’t like using gum as it hurts her jaw when chewing it.

Sometimes when assessing patients it can take a lot of effort and energy to get behind the real reason for why someone doesn’t want to give it a shot.  In this scenario, the patient did not know about all the options available for smoking cessation because she simply wasn’t educated.

This particular patient did not want to try varenicline due to fear of side effects since someone else she knew had terrible dreams while on this.  She was not a candidate for bupropion as she had a history of seizures.  When educated about different nicotine replacement dosage form options other than gum, she was definitely more optimistic her chances in quitting smoking for good.  Various dosage forms for smoking cessation has been a great thing in aiding our patient to the ultimate goal of improving our patients health.

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Written By Eric Christianson

October 29, 2017

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