Diltiazem Induced Rash

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84 year old female residing in community was recently treated with several courses of antibiotics to treat cellulitis of the right lower leg. Several different antibiotics were tried due to ineffectiveness and an itchy skin rash.  The rash continued for months after the courses of antibiotics were completed and the infection healed.
Potential causes such as Steven-Johnson Syndrome, Leukemia were ruled out.

Med List: Synthroid, Diltiazem, Cymbalta. Triamcinolone Cream

After reviewing her medications, it was suggested to her cardiologist that a Diltiazem allergy may be causing her rash.  The Diltiazem was discontinued and Verapamil started. Within 2 weeks, the patient’s diltiazem induced rash had resolved.
Allergic cutaneous reactions to Diltiazem may occur anytime during therapy and generally not predictable with respect to onset (7days to 10 years with the average of 95 days)/Lexicomp
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Written By Eric Christianson

February 25, 2015

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