CPJE Cheating Scandal Update and Free Gift For Those Impacted By This Calamity

CPJE Cheating Scandal

In an update from a previous post, the CPJE cheating scandal rolls on. Over 1,000 pharmacy students had their scores invalidated. This means that they have to make plans to retake the CPJE exam. In their most recent update on the CPJE cheating scandal, the California Board of Pharmacy has set aside two dates (November 16th and 17th) that students may retake the exam. You can find the full updates from the board here.

I truly feel awful for all the students who did nothing wrong. Their livelihoods and ability to generate income have been put on hold. As someone who had $145K (which now seems small compared to new graduates) in debt following graduation, I cannot imagine the stress of having licensing delays. I’m sure this is especially infuriating when the majority of these students likely did nothing wrong. I spent at least 15-30 minutes reading some of the stories from students who have been affected by the CJPE cheating scandal. It was heartbreaking.

To all of you who are filled with doubt, frustration, anger, and uncertainty right now, I would like to offer a FREE GIFT. While we don’t have any study material specifically geared toward the CPJE exam, we do have NAPLEX study material at RXGrad.com. The word on the street is that the CPJE exam is more clinically focused and much more like the NAPLEX than other state law exams.

Fortunately, NAPLEX study material is our specialty 🙂 We are going to give away 2-month access ($50 dollar value) to one of our full-length NAPLEX practice exams. So while we admit that this likely won’t help you with the law portion of the exam, we know this will help you prepare to take the clinical portion of your exam. There are no strings attached to this gift and we’re going on the honor system that you are a student affected by the California Board of Pharmacy’s decision to mandate retakes.

Here’s what to do to gain access to the Free 250 Practice Questions:

  • Go to RXGrad.com
  • Register (Create Account)
  • Enter (at the bottom of the page) promo code: cpje19
  • Hit Submit
  • It should automatically take you to the practice exam section

It is that simple. You’ll get instant, online access to the questions and rationales. The discount code for the FREE PRACTICE EXAM will end on November 17th. If you would like access to our entire library of NAPLEX content, we will also extend a 50% discount to all of you affected by this terrible situation. The discount code for 50% off the All-Access Pass is: cpje50

We truly hope this brings a little light into what has likely been dark and challenging several weeks.

Eric Christianson, PharmD, BCPS, BCGP


  1. Brian

    Nice gesture, Eric!

  2. David

    Thank you so much for this. As a person who is affected by this, I am so grateful for this gift. My RxPrep course has already expired and I didn’t want to spend anymore money on study material online. Thank you very much

    • Eric Christianson

      No problem David, please share with classmates/friends who are also impacted. Best wishes and I hope this gets resolved more quickly then they are telling you!


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Written By Eric Christianson

October 20, 2019

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