Coumadin and Clotting Factors

Coumadin inhibits clotting factors 2,7,9,10 in the body.  These clotting factors are actually produced mainly by the liver and obvious promote the production of a “clot” or blood clot.  Let’s take the example of Afib – in this condition, because of a change in the function of the heart, the heart pumps ineffectively(for lack of a better term) or not as a normal heart would.  So what happens when the heart is quite pumping right?  The result is that blood may actually pool in the atrium, and what happens when blood pools or stops moving? –  a clot is more likely to form.  Why would a small little clot in the heart chamber be a problem? – See you tomorrow night!
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Written By Eric Christianson

October 31, 2013

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