Clinical Medication Review 2

Clinical Med Review

By popular demand, another med review tonight, where I pick out a couple of points to investigate and I let you all have your crack at the list!

Both Prilosec and Zantac (ranitidine) being utilized here, would like to look into the GI history and assess if both are necessary.  By the other meds, they are not very high risk for GI bleed as only on low dose aspirin, but again need to investigate history further.

Plenty of BP meds and would suspect edema or CHF history.  I would like to dig into Lasix/Maxzide history to assess if both are necessary.  Remember that Maxzide is a combo of diuretics and does work differently from Lasix, but when trying to tackle polypharmacy, this might be a place to look into further.  Also remember that Maxzide contains triamterene a potassium sparing diuretic which might be helping stabilizing potassium levels as both the Lasix and hydrochlorothiazide (in Maxzide) can bring potassium down.

Ultram (tramadol) and Percocet needs some investigating as well!

Have at it all!

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  1. Edith

    I would also look at potassium level in the blood. Cozaar which is an ARBs is likely to elevate potassium level in the patient’s system, seeing the patient is on Potassium 20mg

  2. Marcia Cohen

    A little more info would be helpful: age, sex and is daily interpreted in the hospital sense as in AM?
    In addition to above comments:
    At max dose of zocor plus amlodipine. Might be better off with a different statin.
    Zocor and Avodart usually given HS.
    Why once a week KCl?
    Colace 100 daily will not do much for constipation from Percocet, amlodipine and tramadol. Need a stimulant.
    Why both percocet and tramadol in morning?

    Combo of antihypertensives makes pt a fall risk (percocet & tramadol too)

  3. T. Kahura

    Assuming the pt is elderly and vitamin d is preventative maybe add on calcium supplement? Had a pt taking ranitidine for chronic urticaria… Don’t know if it ultimately worked though it was a last ditch effort


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Written By Eric Christianson

July 2, 2014

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