BIG NAPLEX Discount – One Time Only!

Our Meded101 NAPLEX material is ready for 2023 participants, and it is about the time of year that students are gearing up for the NAPLEX. I wanted to provide a really nice discount on our massive study package. I recall what it was like to prepare for the NAPLEX and how funds were tight toward the end of the year. We’ve been creating content for NAPLEX participants since 2015 and our content keeps growing and improving each year!

NAPLEX Discount Details

I’m offering a 40% discount which will be the biggest I offer this year!

I’m offering this one-time-only discount to the first 20 people or this will expire on May 7th (whichever comes first).

Go here to check out which NAPLEX package is right for you.

At checkout, use the discount code: naplexwin

Many will take the Pre-NAPLEX at a cost of $75 and the value provided by the Meded101 NAPLEX Study Packages is a no-brainer compared to the Pre-NAPLEX.

Pre-NAPLEX ($75)Meded101 NAPLEX Study Packages (40% Discount)
100 Practice QuestionsOver 1800+ Practice Questions
 2 Full Length PDF Practice Exams
 30+ Hours of Video Lectures (All Access Pass only)
 PDF of Slides (1,200+) for Lectures (All Access Pass only)
 Comparison Tables (All Access Pass only)
 Bonus PDF Regulatory Study Guide (All Access Pass only)
 Bonus PDF Statistics Study Guide (All Access Pass only)

1 In 5 Will Fail The NAPLEX

Not too many years ago, the NAPLEX was considered a gimmie that most people passed easily. That is no longer the case. According to pass rates from 2022, you can anticipate that 1 in 5 will fail as the pass rate was only 80%. I spent some time elaborating on how to perform better in a previous post about the 2023 NAPLEX which you can find here.

Testimonials – Meded101 NAPLEX Study Materials

“I feel this is a great resource for students to use in preparation for the NAPLEX exam. It provides a wide variety of content and questions to aid in learning. As a new practitioner who recently took the NAPLEX exam, I find these questions to be a fair representation of those asked on the actual exam.” – Mandy G.

“I somehow feel that it’s like the author uses a filter or semi-permeable membrane to concentrate the components in a solution, so you don’t have to drink a ton of liquid to obtain the nutrition in it.” – Cee

“Great source and great price!” – Chelsea

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me at [email protected] – I do my best to respond to every email or maybe I’ll create a blog post about it?!?!

Eric Christianson, PharmD, BCPS, BCGP


  1. Nora NG

    I just made a purchase for the Naplex study guide and inadvertently forgot to enter the discount code of Naplexwin.
    Would it be possible to obtain the 40% discount I was seeking upon initial purchasing of the study guide please.
    Thank you for your time and consideration.

    • Eric Christianson

      No problem, I took care of this from my end and I’m sending you an email update. Thanks! Eric


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Written By Eric Christianson

April 30, 2023

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