ASHP Midyear Day 2 2017

I’m a little late on my day 2 wrap up of the ASHP Midyear meeting.  With ongoing discussions today with more pharmacists, residents and students, I can’t help but think what pharmacy is going to look like in 10 or 20 years.  I think the key to identifying what’s going to happen is to think about what has taken place in the last 10 years and where we are headed.

I attended the keynote where Michelle Obama was there.  I did talk to a few different for their thoughts on her presentation/discussion.  She was incredibly nice, personable and at times funny.  From most that I talked to, they were a little disappointed that she really didn’t relate much of anything to pharmacists until one question right at the end.  It seemed like an interview that she would do for a news/entertainment program.  That would be fine for most setting, but I was hoping she would maybe share some experiences where pharmacy was involved or that she didn’t realize how much pharmacy played a role in the hospital or community setting.

I’m always overwhelmed by the amount of money that is spent by the sponsors to have a spot to promote their business.  As I was walking through the exhibit hall, it was hard for me to not stop and look around and see all that went into creating these displays advertising their product or service.

Medical marijuana talk was interesting as always.  CHF talk was pretty good and spoke to the under utilization of aldosterone antagonists.  Of course, I couldn’t resist and had to ask the question of whether you should push the dose of lisinopril to 40 mg (from 20) or start an aldosterone antagonist.  It’s always fun to ask case based questions to experts in their field.

Thanks for following the blog and if you are in Orlando, you can come chat for a while today at the PPS booth for Essentia Health from 3-5 PM (Tuesday)! I will be there.

Eric Christianson, PharmD, BCPS, BCGP


  1. Bill Jones

    When you ask general speakers to give a keynote address, you should not expect a specific address. I did not attend Midyear this time, but have heard plenty of GREAT keynote speakers talking about things outside of pharmacy. I would rather not have ASHP spend tens upon tens of thousands of dollars for a keynote speaker. MAYBE a keynote speaker is not needed and lower the registration cost a few bucks.

    I listened to the CHF talk online. It was a review of FOLLOWING GUIDELINES instead of treating patients. Physicians told me for decades that guidelines are not rules. Somehow, pharmacists have not come to the same conclusion. I wanted to know why a patient would be on amiodarone AND warfarin. Was the patient STILL in a. fib.? Then why continue amiodarone. HR could increase and then it might be able to give a larger dose of a BB for the HFrEF. If in NSR, why is the warfarin still continued? WHAT IS THE EVIDENCE that having a.fib. and converted to NSR that warfarin is indicated? Two drugs that have potential major harm and there was no discussion.

  2. Allwell Mbagwu

    I’m not surprised that Michelle Obama said little about the role of pharmacists in the health of the people. The pharmacists have not been able to assert themselves or even stop playing second fiddle to physicians and recently assistants and nurse practioners. Everyone including the Congress see you as pill pushers and counters. Evidenced by your inability to be recognized unequivocally as health care providers on your merit. It is time pharmacy leaders stopped playing politics and embrace workable strategies to present the profession on a platform that truly reflect the skills and knowledge base of the members of the profession. Why are pharmacists not legislatively recognized and remunerated as health care providers. Go to Canada and see what pharmacists are doing…

  3. Alan Vogenberg

    With the proposed CVS/Aetna/Anthem deal, Pharmacists will be relegated to “count, pour, lick and stick”.
    Actually, that is happening now, with PharmD Pharmacist’s knowledge and training and tuition dollars being wasted. There are a large number of unhappy (grouchy) PharmDs practicing.
    I wonder where PCPs fit into the picture with “Minute Clinics” staffed by NURSE practitioners?


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Written By Eric Christianson

December 5, 2017

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