2022 BCPS Exam Information, Content Outline, and Study Materials

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In the video below I discuss 2022 BCPS Exam information, content outline, and study materials. Critical points from the video include:

  • What to study when it comes to each of the major sections of the 2022 BCPS exam content outline
    • Pharmacotherapy (65% of the exam)
    • Application of Evidence in Practice and Education (25% of the exam)
    • Healthcare Systems and Population Health (10% of the exam)

In addition to breaking down those various sections and what topics you will most likely see on the BCPS exam, I also discuss the exam format and how to ensure that you can efficiently answer the questions. Here’s a quick summary of things to have a primary focus on when preparing for the 2022 BCPS exam.

Pharmacotherapy (114 Questions):

  • Be prepared to analyze case scenarios
  • Drug selection
  • Contraindications
  • Warnings
  • Compelling indications
  • Guidelines
  • Major and unique adverse effects
  • Monitoring parameters
  • Major drug interactions
  • Genetic considerations (i.e. allopurinol, carbamazepine, abacavir)
  • Don’t heavily focus on dosing (exception anticoagulation, certain antibiotics, boxed warning)

Application of Evidence in Practice and Education (44 Questions):

  • Statistics
  • Testing based upon type of data (ordinal, nominal, continuous)
  • P-values
  • Power
  • Data interpretation
  • Some calculations (i.e. NNT, ARR)
  • Level of evidence in clinical literature
  • Teaching Strategies

Healthcare Systems and Population Health (17 Questions):

  • Medication use evaluation
  • ADR reporting
  • Function of P&T, formulary
  • Vaccinations
  • Population health
  • Quality metrics, standards
  • Drug approval process

BCPS Study Materials for 2022 can be found by clicking this link

If you’d like to download the slides from this presentation to take notes or share with someone who may be looking at taking the BCPS exam, feel free to do that at the bottom of the page.


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Written By Eric Christianson

December 26, 2021

Study Materials For Pharmacists


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