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Elder Abuse

Which of the following terms/definitions pairing about elder abuse does not match?

Geriatric Syndromes

Geriatric syndromes are complex health states that are the consequence of multiple age-related physiological changes. Which of the following conditions is not considered to be a geriatric syndrome?

Pneumonia Vaccination

For adults aged 65 years or older who have never received a pneumococcal vaccination before, which vaccination regimen is currently recommended by the CDC?


Which of the following is considered an Activity of Daily Living (ADL) versus an instrumental activity of daily living (IADL) 

Empagliflozin and The Beers Criteria

According to the AGS updated Beers Criteria for Potentially Inappropriate Medication Use in Older Adults, which of the following statements is true regarding empagliflozin?

Warfarin Bleed Risk Interaction

Which of the following medications/supplements could increase a patient’s INR when given to a patient already on warfarin?

Creatinine Clearance and Aging

How does aging affect creatinine clearance?

Medication Absorption in Geriatrics

 Which of the following is true about age-related medication absorption? 

  1. There is a decrease in gastric PH
  2. There is a slowed gastric emptying
  3. There is a decrease in small-bowel surface area 

Half-Life and Benzodiazepines

Which of the following benzodiazepines should generally be avoided in older adults due to its longer half-life?

Medication Induced Hyperlipidemia

Which of the following medications can increase LDL-C?

Prescribing Cascade

Which of the following is an example of a prescribing cascade?

Study Design

Researchers have recently been studying a new medication for its effects on blood pressure in geriatric patients. Two groups are set up. One group will receive a placebo first and the other will receive the treatment first. Subjects with baseline systolic blood pressure of 130-140 mmHg are being given the medication for 4 weeks with a 2 week washout period and then getting placebo for 4 weeks or vice versa depending upon which group they are in. What type of study design would this be considered?

Urinary Incontinence Types

What type of urinary incontinence is defined when there is an involuntary loss of urine due to physical activity or exertion?

Drug Induced Cognitive Impairment

LR is an 85-year-old male who is experiencing acute cognitive impairment. Which of his medications is most likely to be contributing to the issue?

Geriatric Pharmacotherapy Criteria

Which of the following does not represent a medication appropriateness criteria designed for elderly patients?