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The Insider’s Guide to Long Term Care Consulting has been a pharmacist favorite.  Whether you are looking to make a career transition or have a side hustle, this is a nice and very unique resource!  I’ve spent the majority of my career doing long term care (LTC) consulting.  I’ve also spoke on LTC topics (survey issues, transitions of care, high risk meds, medications errors, medication administration, etc.) at numerous conferences and am board certified in geriatrics.  This how to video course will give anyone from expert to beginner little known tricks of the trade at what a consultant pharmacist does and how to look good, and more importantly, do good in your role as a consultant pharmacist.  Jaimie Wasek had this to say:

“I am a recent grad and your Insider’s Guide to LTC has been extremely helpful as I start out with consultant pharmacy”

Creating medication recommendations is an art that takes time and effort to get better at.  I guarantee after learning from the Medication Recommendation Webinar Series, you will have much greater confidence in sharing your expertise and more importantly, how to actually solve medication problems. Here’s what Kelly Wheeler had to say about this resource:


I just finished your medication recommendation webinar and I will definitely alter my practice after listening.  I am a LTC consultant and a PRN retail, relief pharmacist.

For my LTC practice, I especially appreciated your advice on making sure to offer an option.  Don’t just point out the problem.  I enjoyed your inclusion of “A Few of my Favorites”.  One of the hardest lessons for me to learn, was to not take the physician response personally.  Thank you for reinforcing that I am not the only one to experience negative feedback.

In the retail setting, too often, I feel that I forget that I’m dealing with another person with their background, beliefs, and ideas.  I need to try harder to find a solution for that particular patient and not just the standard “because the literature says so” answer.  Your webinar reminded me that this is imperative in assisting my patients.

Thank you for helping me to refocus my pharmacy practice and hopefully do a better job of communicating with patients and other healthcare providers.

Kelly Wheeler, RPh, CGP”

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