Below is a list of free medication resources and content that I’ve put together to help you become better at dealing with medication related issues.  If you have a free resource you like, please feel free to contact me to add it to the list!

I’m giving away a 6 page PDF on 30 medication mistakes I see in real practice.  That should be enough, but I’m also giving away a webinar on the 10 Commandments of Polypharmacy – Get it FREE, right here

Click the link below to download the 10 Commandments PDF free!

via cancergrace.org

via cancergrace.org

10 Commandments of Polypharmacy – Free Download

https://www.ismp.org/tools/DoNotCrush.pdf  –  A very frequent question I get asked as a geriatric consultant pharmacist is what medications I can crush. As a general rule if you see CR, XR, ER, XL, DR, EC etc. – don’t crush these medications. The link above is a wonderful resource that I use from ISMP when I’m not sure.

http://ismp.org/faq.asp#Question_1 – Med errors are always a challenging topic. I frequently get asked by health care institutions/administration – how does our med error rate compare with other facilities.  See link above to find out.

https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/geriatric-nursing/id251584168 – For any healthcare providers, this is an awesome way to learn some new things without costing you a dime! I’ve listened to a couple and they are pretty good. Please feel free to share this info with interested individuals!

http://www.nhlbi.nih.gov/index.htm – Above is a fairly good reference I use once in awhile, although when I’m in need of some education, which is more often than you might think!

http://www.globalrph.com/narcotic.htm – I wanted to give you guys a quick reference simply to demonstrate the differences in opioid dosing: Please use this for information purposes only.